About Us


Flight Radio Studio Productions Co. Inc. was created to facilitate an educational learning focused on helping the Social Community who are undeserved, underprivileged and disenfranchised population.

Our program teaches computer literacy via Public Radio announcements, economic literacy, vocational skills.

Radio Broadcasting helps expand social education through recreational and community services for students and their parents.

Flight Radio Studio Productions Co. Inc. Talk Radio helps our communities make responsible decisions, build self-confidence, creating a positive community change while offering physical, social and spiritual growth, leading education to a new high.


The primary goal of the Flight Radio Studio Productions Co. Inc. diversion program is to eliminate the risk factors that predispose our youths and adults encounters with the criminal justice system.

Research shows that the primary risk factors include Individual characteristics such as alienation, rebelliousness and lack of bonding to society;

Family influence such as parental conflict, child abuse, poor family management practices, substance abuse, criminality, teen pregnancy and lack of education; Contributing experiences such as early academic failure and dropouts;

Neighborhood factors such as economic deprivation, high rate of substance abuse, crime and disorganization.

Our program reveals that to counter these risks, protective factors exposure must be introduced. Three basic categories of protective factors are identified as: 1) positive social orientation; 2) Pro-social family members, teachers, adults and friends; and 3) healthy beliefs and clear standards of behavior.

The objectives of the Flight Radio Studio Productions Co. Inc. are as follows:

1. 1. To provide general guidance to communities in crisis.
2. 2. To promote personal and social responsibility among family in crisis.
3. 3. To increase participation and enhance ability to benefit from social services.
4. To discourage use of illegal drugs and firearms, involvement in violence and other activity.
5. To discourage participation in criminal activities.
6. To encourage participation in service and community activities.

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